Thursday, 30 April 2009

Shame on you

Perhaps AngryBritain is just a little more sensitive to it right now with Mrs AB about to bear fruit, but we can't help but notice the number of pregnant ladies battling to work on the Tube every day.
Any commuter into London will sympathise, at the best of times the Tube is a horrific place, cramped, hot, sticky and smelly. If you are really lucky, sometimes you might have an inch of 'personal space' between you and the perspiring Polish builder. Room to breathe. Bad things.
On the Jubilee Line at Westminster this morning my gaze fell upon a smartly dressed young ladies bosom, but not for the reason you might think. 'Baby on Board' read the badge on her lapel. A badge bearing the London Underground logo, 'Baby on Board' in clear blue writing above it.
Really?, Is this what it's come to?
Is Britain today so far removed from common decency that pregnant women, the mothers of our children and the future of Britain, need to wear a badge to identify themselves in the hope that this might persuade someone to offer their seat?.
And you know what the sad thing is?. Despite the badge, not one commuter offerred.
Shame on you Britain.
It goes without saying that had AngryBritain had a seat, he would have offerred it without hesitation. However, this morning we were comfortably tucked-up. In the perspiring Polish builders armpit. Which was nice.
AngryBritain is calling for a return to common decency at rush hour tonight. If you see this smartly dressed mum-in-waiting, or any other lady wearing a 'Baby on Board' badge, or one who you might suspect is pregnant (they are quite easy to spot, they look like ladies, with bigger tummies). Get your big, fat, lazy, immoral behind out of your cosy seat and offer it to her.
If you don't AngryBritain will find you. Capiche?

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