Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Rule the world

'Everybody wants to rule the world' sang Tears for Fears (in my ears) this morning.

And who'd have though it, on a dreary London morning, an 80's pop sensation sums up your life.

We are now at t-minus 19 days and counting until the AngryBaby is scheduled to make an appearance at AngryTowers though judging by the amount of wriggling in Mrs ABs tummy this weekend the little bugger could well bust free early. He (or she) is mad, and he (or she) wants out.

But what awaits my very own wonder of creation (other than dashing good looks, obviously)? What will it's little life have in store?. Will it be chips or jacket spuds?

One things for sure, like you: 

'I can't stand this indecision, coupled with a lack of vision'

Britain is in a right old state bankrupt, immoral and sinking into the sea. That's why perhaps now more so than ever AngryBritain is pushing for a better Britain, not just for my offspring but for all of us. 

We're trying to save it but, we can't do it alone. We NEED you! Today the website stands at approximately 50,000 hits allowing for the erroneous freebie hit counter which has been known to disappear on occasion and only records hits to the main landing page. This figure should really have a couple of extra noughts on it though.

AngryBritain costs time and money to run and we will soldier on all the time we know we've got the nation behind us. Think of it as a return to a green and pleasant land where politeness is the norm, and where kids respect their elders. A return to pride in 'earning' a living and providing for your family.

Simple things in complicated times.

It's not hard to get involved. Phrases like 'Have you seen that website?' 'There's this website which ...' 'There's this bloke on Twitter who has a PIT!' Will be indescribably useful in raising awareness about us. will stop short of asking for donations because that's not what we are about. It's true we are seeking help from the press, VC funding and do sell ad space on the site, and very occasionally this might pop up on the site or in our Twitter feed but allow us that little indulgence to perhaps provide a secure future for the site, and for the AngryBaby.

So get behind us Britain, stay proud of the British way of life. Stay Angry. Tell people about us, get them to visit the website, follow us on Twitter, read the Blog and get involved in the fun stuff like playing the AngryBritain game -, and on Twitter #moanmonday and the all new PIT!

Let's make AngryBritain a household name just like Tears for Fears, but less naff. We're here, we're now and we're:

'So glad we've almost made it'

Thank you

The Angryman

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