Friday, 30 October 2009

Unusual Habit? - Be on TV! has been approached again by TV company, Endemol, the people who make Big Brother to help them find people who might be interested in taking part in a new TV show for BBC Three. See below - (Click to enlarge):

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Friday, 16 October 2009

Dear Dave,

From the mobile desk of

(For which read the 08.23 to Hastings from London Bridge)

Dear Mr Cameron

‘I have a dream’

So, it’s now 08.23 and I have just boarded the train to Tonbridge to go to a series of meetings to compete for some work which just might make me enough money to cover this month’s exorbitant bills and taxes. I left home at 06.21 first battling with London Blunderground from Watford to get here.

While stood on the concourse at London Bridge clutching my overpriced coffee from Caf├ęBucksRepublic, last nights Evening Standard billboard caught my eye.

‘Cameron dreams of a Better Britain’ it said. dreams of a Better Britain too, so I thought I’d get in touch via the the interweb and say hello, and maybe even see if we could be friends on TwiFaceSpace.

Let me introduce you to We are the online home of fed up Brits. A place where like-minded individuals gather and share experiences of the horrors of living in Brown’s Britain.

We’ve been on telly and radio quite a bit, and you might even have heard of us, though we would never be that presumptuous. We’ve even got a couple of thousand followers on Twitter. Not bad for a fat bloke with an internet connection and an overdraft. Some way off @Wossy I grant you but he blocked me anyway so sod him.

If you peruse the following link, you’ll see some of these real-life horrors for yourself:

Interesting reading yes?

As a nation, we’ve had enough. Had enough of high taxes, bad Government, dishonesty, poor manners, lawless streets and discourtesy. is here to stay and we’ll always battle on to mend Broken Britain long after the Scottish windbag, or whoever happens to succeed him come May 2010 has forgotten about their election promises.

What AngryBritain wants to know is: Are you really any different? Do you really care about ‘mending Broken Britain’

If you do, you might just get my vote.

Finally, I read this morning that you want to ‘Sprinkle a little stardust’ in your cabinet and the house-hunting thinking-man’s TV crumpet Kirstie Allsop is ‘In advanced discussions’. AngryBritain would like to be ‘In advanced discussions’ too or maybe even just grab one of those overpriced CafeBucksRepublic Coffees with you some time.

We’ll even pay - out of our own non-expensed pockets.

What have you got to lose?

Oh yes, an election.

The AngryMan