Tuesday, 28 September 2010

LONDON RIVER - A film by Rachid Bouchareb

‘LONDON RIVER’ will be released on DVD on the 11th October, by Trinity.

Set against the backdrop of the 7th July 2005 bombings, London River tells the story of a friendship which develops between two seemingly unconnected people - Elizabeth (Brenda Bleythn) and Ousmane (Sotigui Kouyate). Both of them have come to London to search for their children who are missing in the aftermath of the bombings.

Although they come from different religious backgrounds - Ousmane is an African Muslim living in France and Elizabeth is a white Christian living in Guernsey, they share the same hope of finding their children alive. Putting aside their cultural differences, they give each other the strength to continue the search and maintain their faith in humanity.

London River - Trailer from London River on Vimeo

The DVD has 16 minutes of extras, including an interview with Director Rachid Bouchareb and Academy Award nominee Brenda Blethyn, as well as the theatrical trailer.

BBFC Rating: 12

Film Length: 85 Minutes

Extras: 16 Minutes

RRP: £15.99

Release Date: 11th October 2010

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Seven Days - PREVIEW!

Follow the interwoven lives of some of Notting Hill's most colourful characters, in the documentary series where what you see has only just happened. An outspoken hairdresser, a budding rapper, two glamorous models, a single mother, a student, two pet therapists, a flamboyant restaurateur and many more, all with stories to tell and decisions to make. What have they been doing in the last seven days?

Combining not only up to the minute documentary footage that's filmed, edited and on air in just Seven Days the 8 part series includes ground breaking online interactivity at its core. Through a unique offering called Chat Nav that combines digital and social media the Seven Days audience will be able to communicate with, and influence how, the real people of Notting Hill live their everyday lives by interacting with them at www.channel4.com/sevendays.

Using specially created components the site aggregates all media activity and packages it up so that the people on screen will be able to see, and act on, what the people at home say about them.

Catch Seven Days - Wednesday 22 September 2010, 10pm, Channel 4 - www.channel4.com/sevendays

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Hero at 30,000ft - Preview!

Derren Brown, the acclaimed psychological illusionist, returns to Channel 4 for an amazing 70 minute special on Wednesday 8th September at 10pm.

Hero at 30,000 Feet takes an ‘average Joe’ on an extraordinary psychological journey which will culminate with him facing a life-changing decision of whether to take control of a Boeing 737 packed with passengers, which he believes is about to fall out of the sky.

Viewers will also witness a series of extraordinary personal challenges the subject has been through with Derren as he becomes empowered by life-skills that transform his unconfident character.

Watch the trailer now here: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/derren-brown-the-specials/articles/derren-brown-live-trailer
Derren Brown says: “I hope it's a show that people take something from. We easily let life pass us by, and ultimately this is about engaging with life and understanding that it is the choices we make right now that define us, not what we've done in the past.

Derren Brown: Hero at 30,000 Feet. Tonight at 10pm on Channel 4. www.channel4.com