Friday, 7 January 2011

It's back! #Glee Mon 10 Jan, 9pm, E4

As another school year begins, the Glee kids discover that their elusive popularity still remains outside their grasp. Several things have occurred over the summer break: Finn and Rachel have been and still are dating, despite the fact he considers her “a controllist” with a huge ego; Tina has dumped Artie, and is dating fellow Asian Mike Chang; Puck got a vasectomy; Santana got a boob job; Heather spent her summer lost in the sewers; Slushees are still readily available; and the prevailing opinion among the student body is that Will’s song selections for New Directions sound like they come from “a drag queen’s iPod.”

The arrival of the boys’ new football coach, Shannon Bieste presents a problem. As funds from both Glee Club and the Cheerio’s are diverted to the revitalised team, Will and Sue form the unlikeliest of alliances as they attempt to bring down ‘The Beast’; no mean feat when she stands at 6’1, is an ex maximum security prison officer and can dead lift a Cadillac.

And the drama doesn’t end there; when Emma informs Will that she has begun dating her debonair dentist, he realises what he has thrown away and the arrival of Sunshine Corazon to the Glee Club means Rachel REALLY has to sing for her survival.

And so, as the Darwinian fight for survival begins; old rivalries are cast aside, new alliances are formed and hearts are broken all over again.