Thursday, 21 May 2009

Say Hello to Clover Mai

Today is a very special day. Say hello to Clover Mai, AngryBritain's beautiful new daughter. Check out all the wonderful messages from our friends on Twitter. Welcome to the world Clover Mai - It's not as bad as daddy makes out:
  1. achingtopupateIcon_lock@AngryBritain If she would have just held on a liiiittle bit longer (a day!) we could have shared a birthday!
  2. Wendy MallasWendywitwoo@AngryBritain @clovermai Oh Oh Oh How gorgeous is your new bundle!!! Well done Mrs AB (and Mr AB, I suppose you did your bit too) xx
  3. EmmaachingtopupateIcon_lock@AngryBritain Oh that is so cute! First day old baby with a Twitter, she'll go down in history!
  4. Melanie Brehlmelbrehl@AngryBritain heartfelt congratulations, the miracle of life!
  5. Karen Lynchehaun Mummyofmany@AngryBritain Clover Mai is a beautiful name. Congrats again. Xx
  6. MelissaSmittnbyBritain@AngryBritain Congrats on the littlest AngryBritain.
  7. An Irish BritAn_Irish_BritIcon_lock@AngryBritain ((((((((CONGRATULATIONS ABOUT THE BABYGIRL!!!))))) Babygirl is all one word, dontcha' know? It is now!
  8. Matt DamonRealMattDamon@AngryBritain Whaa, what happened??
  9. AngryBritain.comAngryBritain@AngryBritain is very grateful for all the kind messages, it was lovely for Mrs AB to read them all while recovering. You Tweeps are great!
  10. Alison SearAliBee16@AngryBritain Congratulations. Bet you're proud of your mrsangrybritain too.
  11. Wendy MallasWendywitwoo@AngryBritain So someone actually brought out the pussy cat in AB!! What are you calling your new gorgeous girly bundle?
  12. Cordykarmachord@AngryBritain Awwwwwwwwwwww! Congratulations!!!
  13. Jason Coopercoops71It's ok to be Kosovan but shellsuits and bad digital watches do the reputation of your great nation no favours ... (via @AngryBritain)
  14. Jason Coopercoops71Power shoulder pads went out with Dallas darlin' FAIL! (via @AngryBritain)
  15. KarenKazcita@AngryBritain Congratulations to you and the missus! Hope baby and Mrs AB are well :) You must twitpic! Take care :)
  16. Sarah spudulike@AngryBritain Congratulations!!!!! How is mrs angry and mini angry???????
  17. Richard GableRichard_GableHey @AngryBritain many congratulations and thanks for giving permission to wet the babies head. Cheers my dears.
  18. Nik Gurneymaximumswearing@AngryBritain The grapevine informs me you got yourself a real live baby daughter today; congratulations. Much love, dude. =)
  19. Richard GableRichard_GableEvening dudes, what's the news then? Hang on, someone just whispered that @AngryBritain has had a little girl, fab news.
  20. Elizabeth Bennettmizzlizwhizz@AngryBritain Congratulations!! :-D
  21. Chrissie Saundersmediocre_mum@Mummyofmany and if we thought he was angry before wait till he's has a few months without sleep, heaven help us! (@angrybritain)
  22. JhotvedtJhotvedt@angrybritain Congratulations!
  23. Ceri Louise Daviesceggs@Mummyofmany RTHey everyone! Did you hear...Mrs @AngryBritain had a baby girl. Woo Hoo!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  24. Allison Parrattnmpty3@AngryBritain big congrats,hope mum and baby are doing well
  25. Nici SunnyNici@AngryBritain Many many congratulations!
  26. Lisa OldhamLizloz@AngryBritain Congrats.. look forward to the baby related angry shouts :o)
  27. Karen Lynchehaun MummyofmanyHey everyone! Did you hear...Mrs @AngryBritain had a baby girl. Woo Hoo!!!!! Congratulations!!!
  28. Ragna BrentMum_of_SixRT @AngryBritain: It's a girl! FABULOUS NEWS :):) Many Congratulations to you both xxxx
  29. Karen Lynchehaun Mummyofmany@AngryBritain HOORAY!!!!! Fantastic news. Congrats AngryDad and well done to AngryMum. What did she weigh? What are you calling her? Etc...
  30. Carollebout@AngryBritain congrats! its a girl! well done you.
  31. toptiddlestoptiddles@AngryBritain Congratulations!
  32. BassBass_@AngryBritain FANTASTIC congratulations what's her twitter name?
  33. Fiona ParkerManxieFi@AngryBritain ~ glad #angrybaby has finally arrived. Another girl to nag you! Congratulations :-D
  34. Chrissie Saundersmediocre_mumRT @PembsDave: RT @AngryBritain: It's a girl! YAY- WELL DONE MATE!
  35. janey BarinovKnittalottia@AngryBritain congrats!!! To you all!!!  it's an angry girl!!
  36. David SteeleDavidptfc@AngryBritain congrats to u and Mrs AngryBritain!! The fun starts now!!
  37. Anna AntellAnnaAntell@AngryBritain Congratulations, girls rock..... what's her name?
  38. Ruth GarrityRuthGarrity@AngryBritain congratulations to you and Mrs AB.....xx
  39. GeorgiebooGeorgieboo@AngryBritain >> how lovely that you are finally here. I'm looking forward to hearing all the news about you from daddy. love Boo x
  40. littlebeadlittlebead@AngryBritain Yay congratulations ~ I guess you'll call her Brittania then? LOL
  41. GeorgiebooGeorgieboo@AngryBritain welcome sweet little angrybaby to the world of tweetville. it's been an exciting time waiting for you to arrive. >>>
  42. Neal HawkleyHawkersUK@AngryBritain congratulations!!!
  43. Kristina Jacksonwyndwitch@AngryBritain Congratulations!!!!!! *passes a metaphorical cigar* hope mum & babe are OK
  44. Kerry O'MalleyKerryInHolland@AngryBritain Congratulations on the birth of your little Angry Britain! :-))
  45. Matt KainDervishAbides@AngryBritain Congratulations!
  46. Claire CordonClaire_Cordon@AngryBritain Congratulations!!!!
  47. Pearcen_ukpearcen_uk@AngryBritain congrats AB!!!!
  48. David WebbDocOccupant@AngryBritain Congratulations on the arrival of AngryDaughter!
  49. Nicola JonesTwittleTattleTo @AngryBritain and Mrs AB, a girl...Angria Britain? Congratulations from all @TwittleTattle
  51. Shan (and Peter)MadMooToys@AngryBritain BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all of you! always brings a smile the birth of a new little one...
  52. Matt HortonmattmbrRT @AngryBritain: It's a girl! .....Congratulations!!
  53. Sarah Cartermoviegrrl@AngryBritain YAAAAAAY! Congratulations :D :D :D Love to Mrs and Little Miss Angry Britain too
  54. Dave LambPembsDave@tracy_tp Pass and dunno ;) BTW - @AngryBritain wifey has had a lil girl :D
  55. Sarah Bellsirahsirah@AngryBritain Congratulations!
  56. ScotsdreamerScotsdreamerRT: @AngryBritain: It's a girl! <-- Congrats and welcome to the world Miss AB
  57. GlenFlutterbys@AngryBritain Congratulations!! :)
  58. tracy stracy_tp@AngryBritain congrats !!
  59. K Griffithsk_griffiths@AngryBritain - Congratulations!
  60. Rachel Shirleyrach802003Icon_lock@AngryBritain Congrats on the AngryBaby :-)
  61. Stuart Tarranttarranti@AngryBritain top news and many congratulations! Pop fizzzzz!
  62. Stuart TarranttarrantiRT @AngryBritain: It's a girl! YAY- WELL DONE MATE! (via @PembsDave)
  63. annielittleziggy@AngryBritain congrats from all of my family we wish mum and baby girl well
  64. Louise Wheelerweelula@AngryBritain I knew today was the day! Congratulations!!!!
  65. Robert ColleyWelshracer@AngryBritain Well done.
  66. Alan MHitman1971@AngryBritain congrats fella
  67. Liz RoseDizi57@AngryBritain CONGRATULATIONS Fabulous news Arrived at last:)
  68. E Kristopher-Hartleyefan78RT @AngryBritain: It's a girl! <- Congratulations! And welcome to the UK Miss AB!
  69. GregDrolgergLet's raise a glass for @AngryBritain & Mrs AngryBritain who today brought a little Miss AngryBritain into the world. Congratulations!
  70. GregDrolgerg@AngryBritain YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!
  71. Mearameara76Icon_lockCongrats!!!!!!!! @AngryBritain: It's a girl!
  73. Ben PalmerjessicastrustRT @AngryBritain: It's a girl! <<<>
  75. sue smithsuzie_single@AngryBritain congratulations to the AB clan
  76. Lucy LucyKD@AngryBritain Wahayy!! Well done MrsAB!! All OK? Congratulations xx
  77. Anne Stoneokesanne@AngryBritain CONGRATULATIONS :-) pink ones are best
  78. Mike BurtonburtonztweetRT @AngryBritain: It's a girl!>>>>>>>good effort Mrs Angry - have a cigar, sir!
  79. Amanda CannanStorm_rider_ukRT @PembsDave @AngryBritain: It's a girl! YAY- WELL DONE MATE! it wasn't him that did all the work!!!!
  80. Sheri OchiSheriShambles@AngryBritain Congrats! Princess AngryBaby! :)
  81. Oscar TGOscarTG@AngryBritain Wheeeee! Welcome to a wonderful world of pink everything :) Congrats
  82. darren westburyDAZ081068@AngryBritain BIG CONGRATULATIONS..................................................................
  83. brumblogbrumblog@AngryBritain It's a girl! CONGRATULATIONS!!
  84. Helen Forsterboysx4ukRT @AngryBritain: It's a girl! <<>
  85. Dave LambPembsDave@AngryBritain HUGS TO WIFEY AND TO EVERYONE "ANGRY" - CHUFFED :D
  86. Wendy MallasWendywitwoo@AngryBritain OH CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! I just cheered out loud and everyone looked at me in a strange way!! Let the chaos begin!
  87. Dave LambPembsDaveRT @AngryBritain: It's a girl! YAY- WELL DONE MATE!
  88. EmmaachingtopupateIcon_lock@AngryBritain Congratulations!! :D
  89. Anjee BusbyAnjeebaby@AngryBritain oh wow congratulations hope mum and baby are doing well
  90. Bethany BurkeBethanyinFL@AngryBritain Congrats!!
  91. Amanda CannanStorm_rider_uk@AngryBritain awwww many congratulations hunny!!
  92. Carol SmithCaroljs@AngryBritain congratations hun x x
  93. Rhonda LaneFemmeFartale@AngryBritain Congratulations!!!!!!!!!