Monday, 18 May 2009


So, this is the week when everything will change. In a few days, or maybe not even that long, AngryBritains life will be thrown into turmoil, along a road of vomit, shitty nappies and financial hardship and do you know what? 

We can't wait.

We are trying to prepare ourselves as best we can but we are mere amateurs so AngryBritain calls upon you, it's loyal readers for Viz style top-tips on parenting, and all  suggestions will be gratefully received. I think we have the obvious ones covered like not putting baby in the microwave but the rest is a minefield, and Princess Di is no longer available.

You can email me or Tweet @angrybritain and after baby comes I'll do a follow-up blog where i'll publish the best suggestions for general amusement.

In the meantime wish me luck and be nice to each other so the fruit of AngryBritain's loin will inherit the beginnings of a better Britain. 

You never know, it might be you next!

Thank you

The AngryMan

1 comment:

TC said...

Congratulations!!! I have no suggestions other than accept the fact your life is no longer your own, a small screaming mite controls it and you will love said mite as you've never loved anyone.