Thursday, 16 April 2009

Strictly Sod-Off

'Hang your dirty knickers on the line'.
Somewhat unsuprisingly McBroon and his cronies have resorted to 'juvenile' and unfounded smear tactics as they watch themselves lose their grip on power, and the cold hard reality of life in Britain today.
While the rest of us travel to jobs we hate, worried about how we will feed and clothe our children and whether we will still have jobs to go to tomorrow, behind closed doors at LabourHQ plans were afoot to concoct stories about the sex lives and mental health of Cameron and Co. in the blue corner.
'Spin doctor' McBride obviously had one too many in the Commons bar that day, on expenses, and set to work with the interweb. Presumably surfing YouPorn and LabourList before firing off a few choice words to the husband of Kate-Strictly-Bad-Ballroom-Garraway, Derek Draper.
Draper, no doubt feeling inferior to his TV-totty wife, saw his chance to take to the floor and perform a few spins of his own. Like a 'Red Rag' to a bull.
Unfortunately for them both, it never quite came off. Thanks to blogger Paul 'Guido Fawkes' Staines who received copies of these emails and broke the story on his blog ( the pages of the papers are filled with this sordid tale, opening Britain's eyes yet-again to the murky world of Number 10.
AngryBritain thinks it's a bit of the shame that the Red Rag blog McBride and Draper devised never got going: 
'Cameron has secret 4x4, 'Osbourne has crack and whore habit', Brown IS the Messiah ...
If there was a weekly phone vote for the Government we are pretty sure McBroon and his chums would have been voted off years ago and we very much doubt they would ever have been Brucie's favourites.

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