Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Can you dig it?

'Can you dig it?' sung the Mock Turtles into my ipod-ed-ears this morning as the escalator reached skyward into London Bridge station. The dreary trudge into the office on dirty public transport in complete contrast to the happy chilled out days of my early 20's when the Mock Turtles were 'in'.
Back then I had money in my pocket, a mobile phone the size of Paris, a tank full of petrol and hardly a care in the world. Life was good then and full of opportunity. The world was Brtiain's Oyster.
'Things can only get better' eh?
Fast forward 15 years and look where we are now. A broken shell of country, immoral, debt-ridden and so it would seem without a light at the end of the tunnel. Just look around you today, can you see one happy face in your office?. One person who knows their future is secure and that Britain is still full of promise?. No?, me neither.
You may have caught 'The Hospital' on Channel 4 last night. For me Britain today was summed-up by the drunk driver and his pals. On the night of the incident, not a Policeman in sight dealing with this smirking idiot nor seemingly a drop of remorse for tearing the back of his friends head off and nearly killing him.
Jump forward six months and both he and his almost-dead friend are back the pub. The drunk driver having lost his licence and been fined, now having a jolly good laugh about the whole thing. And the best bit, the half-dead friend looking forward to his sizeable insurance payout. What a jolly jape eh? ...
So how do we change it? doesn't have all the answers, for that we need you. We need to know what's wrong with Britain today from you the people it affects daily, and we need people to know about it. Please keep sending us your 'Beef' to or via Twitter @AngryBritain and do tell your friends and colleagues about us. If you want to read what others have already said log on to 
We've sent a link to this blog post to both the hospitals featured in the programme last night, a little support to show them Britain does care and that we do appreciate the amazing work they do.
'Can you dig it?' maybe not, but you can certainly help make it better.

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TC said...

You know we on the other side of the pond are in the same shape. It was easy to make money a few years ago, now it's like which way to turn. We haven't been hit as hard by the economy here in the Midwest but I saw my first elderly lady with the will work for food sign when I left work the other day (midwest town of 20,000, entrance to Wal Mart). I've seen lots of these in the south but here? And yes we do give in and give money or buy what they are selling once in awhile if they don't seem like just professional beggars or druggies.