Tuesday, 14 April 2009


It's taken me all day but I've found just the very thing to blog about. Part time working, bailouts and redundancies are common news these days for both UK and foreign car manufacturers. Uncertain jobs and futures are part of production line life as are stockpiles of unsold cars sit in holding areas across the UK.
AngryBritain, with his imminent arrival less than 5 weeks away, needs a bigger car to accomodate all the stuff that a little person requires on a jaunt out. Mrs AB has had the majority say in the final selection as it will be her who does the lions share of driving. Mrs AB is not easily impressed nor bothered about her choice of wheels. Not since her dream car, a Mini convertible was found to have the boot the size of a childs lunchbox and therefore dismissed until Baby AB is old enough to need only a Child Seat.
To cut a long story short the Nissan Cashcow seems to fit the bill, she's happy, I'll be happy at weekends. It has a boot big enough for both pushchair and shopping, and enough power not to have a man with a flag walking in front of it. As a little AngryBritain bonus, it's also a 'British car', designed and built in Britain, by Britons. Albeit with a Japanese badge on the nose.
So this bank-holiday weekend the hunt began in earnest. Variants were driven, spec choices made, part-ex's sorted and budgets discussed. Naturally we went to our local Nissan dealer (No names. Watford) and expected them, in this period of deep recession, to bite our hands off.
Not so.
Never before have I experienced such apathy, nor the sense that I was 'doing them a favour' whilst attempting to buy said £19,000 'cow. As a regular punter I offerred both a realistic budget expectation and a willingness to be sold to, but neither of these have so far resulted in me signing on the line.
As a dealer, the days of naming your sticker-price for cars is long gone. The internet has become a powerful and potent weapon in hunting down the deal you want. So that's what AngryBritain did, finding 2 examples of the same new vehicle on offer for £2000 less than my local friendly dealer.
As it stands currently despite this they won't budge, nor will I.
Is it any wonder car workers across the country are losing their jobs overnight?

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