Thursday, 16 April 2009

NHS - No Help Service

'No'. 'No, I'm not agreeing to it, there's no medical reason'.
And that was that.
As regular readers will know AngryBritain is expecting, well not AngryBritain himself, though looking at his gut hanging over the top of his trousers you might think otherwise. Mrs AB is very pregnant, and a mere 4 weeks away from giving me my son, or daughter, and heir to this crap island.
Mrs AB you might say, is a bit of a hottie. Cute, gorgeous, petit and blonde with a peachy bum. In fact too good for a old, fat, balding misery-guts like me. To most outsiders one of those couples who you see and ask 'What's she doing with him? ...'
The AngryBaby is already showing traits from it's dad judging by the size of the bump poor Mrs AB is carrying around. Without going into too much detail the logistics of this human miracle don't appear to add up so we have a birth plan which we would very much like to stick too. And in this age of Patient Choice, we wrongly assumed that our decision would, while initially be fought, ultimately be agreed leading to a safe, calm and planned birth.
Determined not to fall at the first hurdle the AngryMan annonymously fought Mrs ABs case, pointing out the Patient Choice Charter and demanded a second opinion. Like a scolded schoolboy the consultant begrudingly agreed and Round 2 is early next week. We will be seeing the consultant midwife, then a further consultant who will hopefully agree to our request.
Some of you may have caught 'The Hospital' again on Channel 4 the other night. This particular episode followed teen-pregnancy 'victims'. Star of the show was 'Lisa' the overweight benefit-claiming chain-smoker who was offerred as much care as she needed, in the way she requested. And a house afterwards.
AngryBritain presumes that different NHS Trusts have different views on such matters and that the West Herts NHS Trust is a closed book on this matter. For now.
As an aside the AngryMan had to give his blood type. It seems we are B Positive. Oh, the irony.

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