Thursday, 2 April 2009

Lame Duck

This morning salutes the Anticapi-enviromentalists who were out in force on the streets of London yesterday causing havoc. Not.

The sum total of this warned Armageddon, a broken window of an empty branch of RBS. The bank 'we the people' now own. Well researched soap-dodgers.

The tube this morning had returned to normality, pinstripes, FT's and Rolex's in abundance, not I suspect from defiance of the mob, but from the laughable apathy towards yesterdays protests. So ineffectual were they that no-one cares today. Just like AngryBritain predicted.

Today the Angry Mob will attempt to descend upon the G20 Delegates at Excel where no doubt they will try to do something wild, like drop litter or smoke. And good luck to them, is sure it will really change the world.

Poor Effort. Must try harder. A very lame duck.

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Marta said...

It seems that every time the "movers" and "shakers" get together there is a path of destruction in their wake. These dudes of the G20 do need to talk, I just wish the public would behave. It may be more effective if they actually demonstrate rather than vandalize.

I do find it interesting that the crowd behavior is the same no matter what country hosts the gathering. It shows that we are all suffering from the same problems with the economy. I hope that the G20 meeting produces some results instead of just a lot of media coverage.