Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Hope St.

If you read this column last week you'll know that AngryBritain had a little run in with the West Herts NHS Trust. Round 2 was duly scheduled for yesterday and we arrived bright and early for Mrs AB's appointments.
What a difference.
The first was with a lovely lady. Full of experience, wisdom and most importantly humility to Mrs AB's concerns. She listened, answered our questions, told us the no-nonsense facts about what we had requested and genuinely seemed to have the AngryBaby's best interests at heart. She listened, she listened hard and we appreciated it.
The second, was a kindly older gentleman. Just by looking at him you could tell he had bedside manner honed over many years of dealing with pregnant women like Mrs AB. He too listened to what she had to say, again told her the facts, offerred time to think about things and then left the door open for her to see him again before the AngryBaby makes an appearance.
Both of these people, in AngryBritain's opinion, did their jobs with the utmost care and professionalism, unlike the person last week who coldly shut the door.
These two have restored some of AngryBritain's faith in the NHS. There are still good people in the service, battling against the odds and bureaucracy to provide genuine patient care. You'll find a few of them on Twitter, and if you have an account you should have a look at @LucyKD @drsimonc @EmmaRhoyds
I'm sure a few of you caught The Hospital again last night on C4. This week it was the obese seeking surgery to cure their 'illness'. The upshot, gastric bands being given out like Smarties to people who could really just stop eating cake.
With this sort of madness, I guess it isn't really any wonder the NHS is in such a mess and some of those working within it have all but given up. But all the time people like the two Mrs AB and I saw yesterday, and those medical Twitterers are still working at hospitals around the UK, you never know, there might just still be hope.

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