Sunday, 18 January 2009

N-Shower of Shit

Now it's not very often we here at AngryBritain's AngryBlog use this blog for our own personal entertainment, preferring to hear from you, our loyal readers.

But we are so incensed this weekend that we couldn't help but vent our own spleen against that utter shower-of-shit, otherwise known as N-Power. I'm sure some of you are familiar with their 'Customer Service', some of which was served up to the AngryMan this weekend when trying to sort out a very straightforward issue. Just so I don't think I'm going crazy here's the problem, so you can judge for yourselves:

- I moved from a house in Kent, to a house in Herts
- N-Shower-of-Shit are energy supplier for both
- When I moved from Kent to Herts, I rang them, told them I was moving and could they transfer the account, and Direct Debit to new property. Gave them final readings.
- 'No Problem' they say, I forget all about it
- 1 Month later I receive a demand for payment, based on a finger-in-the-air estimate . One presumes I was paying the bill for the whole of Kent, plus a the Hadron Collider at CERN
- I rang them, expressed my displeasure, gave final readings again, asked for the balance to be adjusted and transferred to new property. Again.
- 'No problem' they said, I forget all about it
- A few days later I get a letter saying 'We've transferred your balance and tripled your Direct Debit
- Gee, thanks.
- I call them to express my displeasure, and ask where my adjusted bill is.
- Call centre monkey (CCM) cuts me off
- I call back, explain all over again to another CCM
- CCM cuts me off
- I call back again, ask for yet another CCM to take my number to call me back in case cut off again
- "Sorry, we are a call centre, we can't call out"
- Pardon?
- "Sorry, we are a call centre, we can't call out"
- ......

Well N-Shower, quite frankly you've shat in the wrong letterbox. If you can't be arsed to take my number and call me back, then I can't be arsed to pay your bill.

I've cancelled your Triple DD, and won't be paying you a single penny until:

- Hell freezes over
- One of your senior managers calls me back. Well you'll have to email me at first as I'm not posting my hot line here.

Oh, as you can't call out I'll make a quick call to Satan to warn him there's a chill coming and you can go whistle for your money.

Advertising here at AngryBritain's AngryBlog is £1500 per featured article, so I calculate that in light of this article you owe me around £1000. Please pay within 7 days, or else. You know what they say, "All publicity is good publicity"

Thanks for playing with

If anyone reading has had similar experiences with N-Shower of Shit, do write in to and we'll post here or on the main website in a big ol' group hug type thing.

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david said...

Yes you are correct about Npower they are the Proverbial Shower .
I am a Landlord with an empty shop ,the tenants had fled ,
Npower was informed ,
No real usage was made of there power after the tenants departed 6 months ago now about £10 worth ,just to show the odd potential tenant the shop.
They wrote to the tenant who they know had fled from my shop but still they addressed this leter with a court order to cut the electric.I tried to reason with them but they sent a great fat Bailiff in a big Bmw with 2 others to crack open the shop so they could disconnect the electric which they did.
My solicitor is dealing with them now and he has told me they are completely illegal in that action.
Npower .....beware of the Satan all you nice people out there I dealt with a Steve at Npower Movers