Saturday, 31 January 2009

Jobs for the boys

What started as a walk out at the Lindsey Oil Refinery, has turned into a mass show of strength across the UK. Why?, for once people are united. While the economy crumbles around us it would seem that the final straw for the working class is losing out on jobs to foreigner workers. tends to shy away from making statements about issues like these, we don't want to be seen as neo-right-wing, like the BNP. That's not what we are about, is an impartial spectator to the events unravelling around Britain today. But even we find ourselves questioning the motives of awarding a major contract to an Italian firm when the UK economy and those companies within it need all the help they can get. It seems in tough times like these, nobody is safe so we all need to work together for the greater good. Brown it seems, is powerless or unwilling to help.

However, this first show of 'People Power' is giving us hope that perhaps there is a little 'fight' left in us Brits and we are not going to let this once great nation sink into the sea.

Rock on workers of Lindsey, Kilroot and Grangemouth, salutes you.

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