Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The gloves are off

AngryBritain.com is always encouraged to hear about people who channel their anger into positive action.

In the Red Corner we have City Warriors, the white collar fight club. Run by Gary Stasek, himself a little bit tasty in the ring, in aid of charity. It's a way for frustrated City workers to knock ten bells out of each other at highly organised boxing events held under Gary's watchful eye. Like Fight Club, but without the wooden acting and uncertain outcome.

Their next event is being held on 2nd April at the Emirates Stadium, for more details and tickets, log on to www.citywarriors.co.uk . The events are being sponsored this year by one of AngryBritain.com's advertisers, Orange Information Systems, a London based IT Services company, headed up by boxing fanatic, Alan Edwards. For more details about them log on to www.orangeis.com.

A little bird tells us that Alan too has big plans to put something back into the community this year helping disadvantaged London kids climb the corporate ladder. We'll update the details as we get them from him.

Seconds out, Round 1.

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