Tuesday, 20 January 2009

You can't make an omelete ...

... without breaking Egg.

It's just brilliant to know that the sense of fair play in Britain today is so lost that it's not just N-Shower who feel they can do whatever they please to the likes of you and I and get away with it 'Scot-free'

Here is the best bit of advice you'll ever get from AngryBritain.com, and it's free: 


And here's why. Seems they can change their T&Cs willy-nilly regardless of the effect it might have on you and basically there is sweet F.A you can do about it.

Or that's what they think ...

For legal reasons we won't go into too much detail here but today we have enagaged them in a battle to the death challenging the fairness of the agreement between us.

We'll keep you posted but if you're suffering similar problems with your credit card provider or you believe you are being treated unfairly the following link is well worth a look.

Watch this space!

AngryBritain.com - Enough is Enough.

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