Friday, 23 January 2009


While Kate and Gerry McCann sit forlorny at home with empty hearts, wondering what happened to their daughter Madeleine, still missing today, the Decima Gallery in Hackney is showcasing a work where Maddie's face has been pasted onto pornographic images 'to satirise her treatment at the hands of the media'


The only thing this satirises is the pointlessness and sheer stupidity of modern 'Art' and galleries such as Decima who exist solely because of it. appeals to it's readers better nature and calls for an immediate and total boycott of this gallery and those 'artists' showing alongside this. If you are passing, do feel free to pop your head in and give them some abuse.

What next Decima, Dot-to-Dot Holocaust?

Madeleine is still missing. If you know anything about her whereabouts or what might have happened to her, log on to - 2009 The Year We Change Things

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TC said...

What this gallery did to the picture of Madeleine makes me ashamed to have been an artist or be an artist or whatever. How horrible, especially after all these parents have gone though. I have no idea of the scope of their pain (as most of us who have never lost a child cannot conceive of what it could be like) but the needless pain the media and police have caused them on top of their daughter being missing is inconceivable.