Monday, 2 February 2009

It's only a bit of snow you know ...

Well, the AngryMan decided to brave the snow this morning to try and get into London alongside other hardy commuters, some 3 hours later I made it into the office - unlike the other 90% of my colleagues who are tucked-up cosily on the sofa with a nice hot cuppa and Richard and Judy. 

The pic on the left was the scene at Baker St tube at about 8.30am. Sardine anyone?.

It pisses me off no end that in this day and age a bit of snow can still wreak havoc across the UK. Granted, this might be the worst snowfall in 18 years, and yes it's pretty dire but even so, it's not like the forecasters haven't seen this coming. Where were the gritters?, the pavement clearers? and the tube drivers?

Snow fuelled travel chaos in 2009 isn't really acceptable is it? Come on Britain, sort yourself out!.

Can't wait for the journey home ... - Braving the snow for you!

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