Friday, 6 February 2009

Jade - Get Well Soon!

While sitting at home last night chatting to Mrs AB and flicking through the papers we were both drawn to the ever more depressing news about Jade Goody.

Jade, as I'm sure 99% of you are aware made her name on Big Brother and as a nation we've pretty much been tuned in to her ever since. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but never less than interesting.

We all know she's made some mistakes, and has been slaughtered in the press for them, in fact her rollercoaster career has only really been rivalled by that of Kerry Katona.

What bugs is that despite the harrowing ordeal Jade must be going through right now, and doubtless having sold millions of papers off the back of her antics. Not one publication that I'm aware of has come out in support of Jade, or wished her well.

So, here it is - Jade Goody - Get Well Soon from all here at

No matter how you might feel about her, the fact remains she is a young woman, with two beautiful children for whom the future looks quite bleak. Chew that over for a while, and if it makes you think again perhaps you'll add a well wishing comment here on AngryBritain's Angry Blog.

Good-y luck Jade, as a nation once again, we are watching you.

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