Monday, 9 March 2009

Mickey Mouse

They say 'Impersonation is the highest form of flattery' so, when received a ' is now following your updates on Twitter' message we were intrigued.
Don't get us wrong, is neither scared, nor worried about the competition, we are after all the original, and the best Social Change in Britain site on the Interweb but when we read statements like:
"In fact we urge you not to vote"
AngryBritain says:
Yes, much as you might not like the Government, sadly someone has to be in control. It's how we as a nation manages those through letting them know clearly and intelligently what is and isn't acceptable.
"Throw away your electoral role registration form and get involved with non-violent direct action groups."
AngryBritain says:
Good idea, the right to vote and have a say in who runs the country was easily won by the working classes in the 1800's and later by the likes of Emily Davison who took to the racecourse to win hers. Smashing up a Starbucks isn't going to help.
"We strongly urge people who visit the site from work or from any educational establishment to use an anonymising proxy service or browser."
AngryBritain says:
This is exactly the reason adheres to a strict set of rules. If you need to hide behind a browser then we don't need you on our side. Really, seriously, we don't.
We really do wonder whether imitation sites like these are going to help achieve our goals. is a place for intelligent debate and well-informed discussion.
To see for yourself (Yes we really are providing links to the competition) log on to and have a read through and then come on back home to .
Over the course of the next few months is going to go through some very exciting changes. Followers of Twitter will know that we have had some very interesting talks with a number of people interested in helping us achieve our goal of making Britain better for all of us. The site will become more user friendly, and hopefully a whole lot more fun. You'll be able to say you were there from the beginning!
So, in the meantime thanks you for your continued support and asks you to stick with us and enjoy the ride. Keep the Beef!, and now the Tweef! coming. - BEWARE CHEAP IMITATIONS

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