Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Defcon 1

This is a shot across the bows to all the tree-hugging-soap-dodgers heading to London tomorrow to cause havoc in the name of greed and the planet.

AngryBritain.com, like a few million others, travels into the smog-filled City on packed public transport everyday, not so that we can bathe in Cristal and puff on fat stogies, it's merely so we can pay our bills.

Like most working Londoners, AngryBritain.com is not a six-figure fat cat, so don't waste your time and effort on the likes of us.

Smashing up a Starbucks isn't going to help either. Think about it logically, how much do all those franchises full of foreign workers paying tax - because the likes of you, the soap-dodging-benefit-cheats, are too busy fannying about in London lighting Joss-Sticks outside the Bank of England, to do perfectly good jobs like that - contribute to the desperate UK economy?.

Nobody cares what you think, and two days of throwing toys publicly out of your prams isn't going to change a single thing. Not one iota. In fact all you will achieve is to suck a further £7m we don't have out of the economy to Police your stupidity. And delay the tube network.

Those of us allowed to go to work tomorrow will be in disguise and mixing amongst you, so watch out!.

If you spot someone cleary too old to be on a skateboard grinding around City Hall in civvies tomorrow, AngryBritain.com may well be among you.

Come say hi, I've got soap and a baseball bat shaped tree for you to hug.

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