Monday, 16 March 2009

Imminent Death

Having spent the weekend feeling very rough while trying to control a 6 year old and appease a pregnant lady and now at our desk feeling not a whole lot better, would like you to share in his misery.
AngryBritain has Man Flu. And wants some sympathy.
Man Flu doesn't get very much press yet it has the potential to spread like wildfire and kill a man stone cold dead. Symptoms are sniffles, the odd cough and a lot of whining. For any ladies reading, these are the danger signs and should be treated in the same way as laddering a pair of your best tights. Immediate help is required and you should stop at nothing to make sure your man gets what he needs to nurse him through. If he makes it that is.
Tea, Toast and access to the TV remote should be available upon request, as should your 'special lady services'. The latter will undoubtedly help your man pull through, or at the very least take his mind off imminent death.
If you manage to nurse your man back to health you can be assured that normal service will soon be resumed and he will no doubt lavish gifts upon you for helping him survive this truly traumatic experience. He may even indulge any DIY fantasy you may have given his new lease of life. is not sure if he will make it, this could very well be his last blog post so thank you for reading and we hope this has raised your awareness of this killer disease.
Now, can someone make me a nice cup of tea, some toast and pass the remote? ...

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Claire said...

Have you seen this clip? I think it sums you up quite well :)