Friday, 6 March 2009


09.32 . Some 2 hours and 57 minutes since AngryBritain left home this morning, and we have just arrived at our desks. London Blundergroud struck again this morning in spectacular fashion. Overnight engineering works in the Neasden area bought both the Metropolitan and Jubilee Lines to their knees. No trains running south of Harrow-On-The-Hill, and the lines in chaos from the stations southbound afterwards.
I mean, you know, bearing in mind for 221 days of the year, millions of us pay through the nose for the privilege of being crammed onto the shabby 1960's feat of engineering, was it not a little shortsighted to do engineering work on a Thursday night. 
Good to see that 25% rise in my Oyster fare has improved the service immeasurably.
London Underground. EPIC FAIL!

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