Thursday, 11 December 2008

Oh yes he does!

So we read this morning the abhorrent story of a supply teacher in Oldham, telling a class of 25 pre-Christmas-excited children that 'Santa doesn't exist' and that 'It's your parents that leave presents out'. 

Has all common sense left this isle of ours?

We at AngryBritain's Angry Blog would like to re-assure any young'uns reading this that Father Christmas is most definitely alive, well and readying his sleigh in Lapland for his big nights work on Christmas Eve. He called AngryBritain Towers this morning to say so in person. 

So there.

Don't believe what teachers tell you kids, they know nothing. If they did they wouldn't be teachers!

Merry Christmas, and don't forget to leave Santa a Mince Pie and some Milk for Rudolph before you go to sleep.

Be Good!

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