Wednesday, 17 December 2008

No Shit Sherlock!

Internet Explorer security alert: Microsoft says all users at risk

Users of Internet Explorer, the world's most popular web browser, are at risk of having their computers hijacked because of a security flaw.

MS  web security experts say the best guarantee of safety is to use an alternative browser such as Firefox, Safari or Opera, which can all be downloaded for free. 

And in other news, the Sky is Blue, and the Sea is wet


TC said...

And the sky is blue, as one who networked windows, apple and linux boxes together for fun you are sooooooo right.
Firefox is what I'm on now. Loved your blog BTW.

AngryBritain said...

Thanx! You should visit the min site too - - Its a shame you dont live in the UK needs people like you!!

Have you ever visited?, if you have what didnt you like?, you could email this for posting in our 'Beef' section. Email to

Nice blog btw, Im following you!