Friday, 5 December 2008

Got the urge?

So this morning the government is 'urging' the banks to pass on the interest rate cut in full to us struggling borrowers.

Urged?, Urged? They should be forced to - we own them, it's our money! It's because of their greed and inaction that we are in this mess.

One thing that does worry us about the cuts here at AngryBritain is, with rates eventually coming down and people being able to take on massive mortgages cheaply again - are we just setting ourselves up for a nasty repeat of this in a few months time?


Belzebulb said...

Aren't bailouts just great? Here in the States, the government didn't even bother to add strings to the $700 billion they threw at the banks. And now they're just hoarding the money and sending their shareholders on lavish vacations out West. And, yes, we're just setting ourselves up for more failure in 09. Fun times...

AngryBritain said...

What the media seem to have conveniently forgotten here is that some point this 'free' money will need to be paid back .... and by whom I wonder?