Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mama's and Crapa's

A word of warning to expectant, dewey eye'd, parents out there looking to buy furniture for their nursery. AngryBritain has crossed swords with Mama's and Papa's, and they aren't playing nice.

So now, neither are we.

In summary, we bought their 'Murano' furniture in May. It's falling to pieces. And apparently it's our fault:

"I have spoken to our technical department and they have suggested the following:-

1) Please can you check the instructions as there is a possibility that the runners are upside down.
(They aren't!)

2) The other thing to check is that the correct location holes have been used as over time the drawers could slip out if the correct ones have been used.
(They have!)

3) Generally the advice is to check the instructions as we are confident that if followed correctly the drawers will fit ...
(AngryBritain is good at FlatPacks!)

... The advice that I have been given is that after this length of time the only other contributory factors could be caused my movement of the item or overloading of the drawers ... I have advised that it is difficult for me to establish what has occurred and it is possible that the issues could be attributed to how the product has been used.

Mama's & Papa's Customer 'Care'

They've offered a replacement, we don't want it. We want a refund. We are entitled to one under the Sale of Goods Act - the furniture is not 'fit for purpose' as you can see from the pic and the admission above.

So, if you are looking for furniture that you can actually build without the help of Craig off Big Brother, put stuff in and use, and very occasionally move - might AngryBritain suggest Ikea?

Can we have that refund now? ...


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