Monday, 30 November 2009

Be on TV with Charlotte Church!

We've been contacted by another TV company (We're going to have to start charging!), to help them find people for a new pilot show starring the very very lovely Welsh strumpet that is Charlotte Church.

Details below:

Do You Have an Interesting or Quirky Obsession?

A new Channel 4 ‘Charlotte Church’ pilot is looking for individuals with interesting and quirky obsessions. Can you tell a car make by its engine? Can you remember every cast member of your favourite TV programme; can you name your favourite pop song when played backwards? Do you know everything about your favourite pop band? It could really be anything!!

If you or know of someone with a quirky obsession and would like to hear some further information, then please get in touch with me, Laura, on 0207 749 3164 or email me

As always don't forget to tell them that sent you!

Now, where's that Star Trek collection ...

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