Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Angry? Another Chance to be on TV!!

As you know from time to time AngryBritain.com gets asked by TV companies to find people for shows they are making. Well this time they've definately come to the right place!

Angry? Then you're destined for stardom:

"Wanted: The Angriest People In Britain

Mild and gentle TV company would like to meet exceedingly angry people for a TV pilot.

We're looking for ravers and ranters who are always stressed and lose their temper at every little thing.

Does your spouse despair? Do you terrify customer service assistants and traffic wardens?

We would love to get to know you better, especially if you wouldn't mind being on camera and would be up for trying some quirky anger management techniques.

We would also love to some home footage of you behaving badly. Have friends ever caught one of your outbursts on camera? If so send us a link!

Please contact me asap if you're interested: shamini@twohandproductions.com

Quirky Anger Management Techniques? We'll have some of that - it's got to be better TV than I'm a Celebrity ... Don't forget to mention AngryBritain.com sent you!

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