Tuesday, 23 June 2009

'The Winnner Takes It All'

'The winner takes it all'

This is what Abba sang way back in the 70's, when the world was flat and everything was in black and white. Thanks to the revival of Mamma Mia this song blasted out round the AngryBritain.com household a week or so ago when the 7 year old had 12 of her screaming friends over to AngryTowers to celebrate her birthday.

Which was nice ...

While Bjorn, Benny, Agnetha and Anni sang away in the background, it became apparent that in today's Britain our molly coddled kids never lose.

I'm sure parents out there will know exactly what I mean. Teachers tell our kids that its 'the taking part that counts', and there are no 'losers' on sports day. As caring new-age parents we are equally guilty of letting our kids win everything. Go on, try and think of the last time you beat your child (though not literally)

Pass the parcel was a prime example. Way back when I were a lad 'Pass the parcel' consisted of a piece of coal wrapped up in 10 sheets of cheap paper, and one child would win. Simple. The others would go home empty handed. Not so today, Mrs AB made sure each layer contained a prize, the same prize so that each and every screaming 6 year old would win something. The main prize being won by, you guessed it, the child who hadn't 'won' anything else.

'Pin the star on the fairy wand' was another hollow sham. Despite the fact the cheating little toads could clearly see right through the cheap blindfold, each of them placing the star within 2mm of the wand, every child received a 'Winners Medal'.

Britain, would it really be so bad for kids to 'lose' occasionally? Think about your working day, does your boss love each and every one of you? No, mine neither. Winners survive and in today's climate the winners really do take it all. The feckless youth roaming our streets pillaging the benefits system and our pockets have simply lost the desire to 'win'.

AngryBritain.com calls upon parents and teachers to re-instill competition in our kids, let's teach them that sometimes things don't go your way.

But when they do, by God doesn't it feel great?


SueB_ said...

I've never let my kids win... how on earth will they ever learn anything? Life doesn't hand you things on a plate. I'm totally against school sports days being non-competitive too, it's ridiculous. Oooo you made me rant, thanks for that :D

TC said...

Hey Angry,
I let my kids win but not often. We had a wii boxing match last summer and I won, we are talking adults here though now. You are right, kids have to be brought up with some understanding of the real world or they will never be able to function or see any real reason to.