Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Good to be back

20 days, 20 long sunny wonderful days. That's how long AngryBritain.com has been 'away' tending to the every whim of his beautiful new daughter.

And by god it sucks to be back.

06.53 Watford minor delays. 07.54 Green Park. Turfed off a defective tube, all the while surrounded by mutterings of strikes tomorrow over 'pay and conditions'

08.01 packed back on to another tube embedded in a fellow commuters armpit and away to my stop, London Bridge where I shall be relieved of £4.70 for the privilege.

Do me again Boris. Please sir, please can I have another?

The country is in meltdown, driven by blind man and the rot, and by that I mean Griffin and Co. has begun to set in but we are not beyond saving, oh no. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger and the last 20 days haven't killed AngryBritain, neither have we 'gone soft'. We're back, albeit with a feint whiff of possett, and we're here to turn it around.

And as a parting thought, to the tube drivers having the next 2 days 'off'. AngryBritain has a 20 day old daughter at home who I now won't see for 72 hours.

But don't feel guilty, being cooped up alone in your drivers seat on a paltry £40k a year, or £10K more than most of the people suffering with me this morning, must be ghastly.

Poor you, poor poor you.



The Prodigal Tourist said...

Are your bags packed? Sounds like it's time to leggit, mate. Just take the baby (and wife) and run!

Rachel said...

hahahaha you are a legend, FTW xx