Thursday, 11 June 2009

An open letter to Bob Crow - RMT

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Dear Earn-a-Bob,

Please take this letter as an demand for £28 incurred in cab fares over the last 2 days thanks to you, your members, their strike action, and lack of any other feasible method to get me to my job, which I am hanging on to by the narrowest of recession-threads, in London., along with 3m other suffering commuters, would be grateful if you could make payment in the next 48 hours, or we will strike.

Strike you firmly in the hooter that is.

You may think our demand is unreasonable, however this is not a matter about which we are prepared to negotiate, table talks nor find a way of avoiding the impending strike.

We consider your demands for an inflation busting pay rise in the worst recession this country has ever seen as unreasonable too.

We also consider demands for the reinstatement of two of your members who clearly 'fucked-up' as laughable, and ludicrous.

So tough titty.

If £40k a year to play with a train set (and quite possibly yourselves in your darkened drivers cockpit) is not enough for you to live on may I suggest a career move? Perhaps armed robbery, drug dealing, or even become an MP.

For the avoidance of doubt, the last two days have been a total and utter pain in the arse for us commuters, while you and your bone idle members have been sat at home on theirs., on behalf of 3m commuters, wishes you syphilis and rain.

You may be aware of a song doing the rounds on the interweb called 'London Underground', set to 'Going Underground' by The Jam..

A line in it says 'Lazy fucking useless cunts'. And frankly I couldn't have put it better myself.

The other Tube, YouTube, isn't striking so you should be able to find it easily

Have a lovely day off, and we look forward to receiving payment within the next 48 hours to avoid said strike action.

How do you like those apples?

Yours sincerely,

The AngryMan (and 3m others)

Cc Mayor Boris - He can save us

Pass it on! Ta :)

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