Thursday, 6 May 2010


As I stand here at 07.24 over the sink, looking over the Kent countryside, just beyond my modest 4x4 that I can't afford to put #Petrol in any more, today is a good day to a Brit.

Today is the day us Brits get to decide who runs our country for the next 4 years.

It's a privilege, and one to savour.

So, it worries me, that in a straw poll last night on Twitter 10 out of 15 people who responded to my question 'Who's getting your Vote tomorrow?' said that they weren't going to vote at all.

It's not often that AngryBritain gets serious but on a day like today, a day when we really can change Britain, I can't urge anyone who isn't intending to vote to do so strongly enough.

Voter apathy, perhaps understandably from being repeatedly kicked by Gordon Brown and his band of Merry Thieves, will only lead to a further 4 years of misery under Labour or at best a Hung Parliament.

And nobody wants that.

Please go out and vote, vote decisively, vote for change.

AngryBritain can't tell you who to vote for but please vote for someone. It takes seconds. The Polling Stations are open now and until 10pm tonight.

I'm so keen that you non-voters vote i'll be answering your questions all day on why you should.

You can email me: or Tweet me @AngryBritain

Imagine waking up tomorrow in a new dawn for Britain under decisive new leadership.

Please Britain #UseYourVote is available for TV and Radio commentary tonight. For details:

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