Friday, 30 April 2010

AngryBritain's Got #Glee!

AngryBritain loves #Glee. And you should too!

Here's another EXCLUSIVE sneaky peak of Glee Episode 16 ‘Home' going out on Monday 03rd May at 9pm on E4 and Friday 7th May at 8pm on C4

“Well as I live and breathe, Will Schuester?!? I just had a sex dream about you!”

Yes, lock up your sons as well as your drinks cabinets as everyone’s favourite ‘mature’ student is back to save Will and New Directions in “Home” the all-new episode of Glee. Guest Star Kristin Chenoweth returns as April Rhodes, Will’s former class mate with the big voice, the big heart and the even bigger booze habit.

And if you have, for some inexplicable reason missed the return of the show that has taken the country by storm, then get yourself to 4OD here at:

Need more Glee? Get it here: and Channel 4, bringing you Glee for the long weekend!

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