Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Die. Without the T

AngryBritain is on a diet.

Like millions of you out there in the Blogosphere January 1st 2010 was D-Day. 'D' as in Diet.

We're two weeks in and undoing the damage we didn't need to do over Christmas, following the damage done in the 11 months previously.

What I want to know is why does it have to be so bloody difficult? Are we really so used to stuffing our piggy little faces with chocolate, pies and booze that we are actually unable to enjoy anything that might be deemed 'good' for us?.

Er, yes actually.

Every spoonful of Special-K is a Big Mac, every Banana a Twix. Food is the enemy. Dust.

I need to get a life. And lose weight.


TC said...

We have been doing the diet thing since first of November, husbands blood sugar was up because he quit smoking and discovered EATING. So we both eat low fat tortillas, he can't do the special K, bran flakes, bananas, apples, soup. We've broke down recently, I bought doughnuts one particularly rough day, it was better than getting drunk? LOL

Oscar TG said...

Diet. The clue's in the name really: DIEt. Just changing what you eat won't keep the weight off because you'll probably get to your target weight and go back to eating crap again, and the weight will go back on. You need to change your lifestyle - walk instead of taking the car for short journeys (anything under 3 miles). Then you can feel uber-saintly about saving the environment too.