Sunday, 3 January 2010


As it's going to be a big year for, we want to make the most of it and try to really make a difference. Pontificating is all very well but it's real-action that counts.

To the right of this post ==> you'll see a new 'Donate' button. 50% of anything donated is going straight to good causes throughout the UK. This is a brand new idea and we are currently talking to lots of people within the Charity sector to make sure it is run properly, fairly and most importantly legally. We also want your suggestions for worthy causes.

We can't go registered until we raise the first £5000 and as soon as we hit this we'll get 'Registered Charity' Status. We'll post every donation made here in the news pages, and keep a running total so you can see how much is going to be helping others.

If you are involved in a Charity, or want to be a part of what's now going to be known as the AngryCharity, please email me at - We need as much help as possible with this project!

Thank you.

The AngryMan


Kip FX Design said...

Project 65 a great cause, @Prject_65 on twitter, have a look buddy, these guys are out to triple last years funds and hit £1,000,000 for 2010, pure british fund raising at the best!

AngryBritain said...

Wow that's amazing, well done to them. If the AngryCharity could hit a tenth of that we'd be thrilled!