Monday, 10 August 2009

Family Pub. Middlesex style.

Picture the scene - a sunny afternoon by the river in a leafy Middlesex 'family' pub. The delicious waft of burgers cooking on a Barbeque, the sounds of children playing in the big adventure playground and supping an ice cold pint.

'Daddy, can I go and play in the adventure playground?' (Did this c**t tell you he got arrested). 'Yes' (f**k off), 'But come and eat your (w****r) chips first'.

'Shall we get a DVD (f*****g armed police everywhere) tonight?' 'Good idea' (f*****g c**t had a machette and he chased us down the f*****g road). 'What do you want to see?'

'Is baby ok? She must be due a (sliced him on the f*****g chest) bottle' (well f*****g funny claret everywhere)

'Do you want another drink Mrs AB? No, me neither lets go eh, some family (f*** off you c***) pub this is.


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TC said...

That's not only in Middlesex unfortunately. I didn't EVER want to hear my kids use the f word and IF I use it someone has pushed me to extreme limits. Not saying it's ok then but it happens.