Monday, 24 August 2009


It's takes a lot to impress AngryBritain.

On Friday we were chatting to a lovely lady who was going to help us become more vain than we are already. Just 24 hours later and this lovely lady had had some horrible news.

But, instead of rolling over she has pulled on the biggest pair of boxing gloves I've ever seen and is going to fight, fight and fight some more.

She's fought so much already that people have started to listen and there's a campaign running across Twitter right now called #bollockstobreastcancer - Damien Hirst is supporting and has designed the T-Shirt you see above. So, if you are a Twitterist, please log on and support this lady.

She knows who she is, and is impressed.



tattooed_mummy said...

Is it possible to buy the shirt? did I miss a link to where it's available?

all the best to anyone and eveyone fighting cancer!

AngryBritain said...

Quite possibly. Are you on Twitter? If so follow @twowitwowoo