Wednesday, 1 July 2009


07.47 Jubilee Line to London Bridge and their eyes met across the early morning haze of the crowded carriage and their pulses raced.

Her a pretty olive skinned woman in white blouse and floaty blue skirt who got off at Westminster, and him the scruffy oik with the iPhone and orange earphones blasting out 'Now that's what I call an inconsiderate cock Vol.1' at full volume.

AngryBritain witnessed these two locked in a battle of the sexes and social etiquette this morning, culminating in a win for decency for the good lady of Westminster.

Several hand gestures and mouthed 'That's very loud' laters, met with barely any resistance, the carriage once again fell 'silent'

Nice work Mrs and tough luck orange earphones boy. None of us want to listen to the tinny shitness of your secondhand music so,


Thank you.

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