Friday, 13 August 2010

Alive, well and living on Twitter

As it turned out following my initial excitement sadly, Froyo 2.2 didn't agree with my Nexus One. It started doing some odd things, it would randomly move between screens, the battery life was reduced by around 30% - one day in particular I took it off the charger at 10.30 am and it was dead by 4 - and worst of all, it absolutely refused to connect to my work's Exchange server, meaning I couldn't pick up my work email.

My Nexus One was effectively a very pretty paperweight.

I trawled the very helpful Vodafone forums and Google but it seemed I was alone with my oddness, and some might say not for the first time. Vodafone's forum moderators suggested a few things to try but sadly none of them resolved the issue so it was escalated internally to them via their excellent Twitter customer team @VodafoneUK.

Within a few hours one of their techies 'Andy' had called and he promised to go off and see what could be done without me having to send the phone back avoiding any inconvenience. 'Andy' apparently has contacts in high places at Google so if he couldn't fix it, no-one could.

So today, I received another phone call from the lovely 'Kirsty' on their web relations team. She basically broke the news that I had broken the phone while upgrading it. Well, actually that's not what she said at all, she said I clearly had been unlucky with the upgrade and it hadn't gone as it should have. While chatting to her I told her that I was very reliant on email, twitter and a phone who's battery lasted the day and that although a replacement Nexus One would be lovely, I really wished that I had gone for a BlackBerry having never been let down by my previous 8900.

To my absolute delight 'Kirsty' said that as I was only just outside their swap-out period that on this occasion she would swap the Nexus One for a new Blackberry 9700, and change the contract to a BlackBerry plan. Not only that, but it would be delivered to me on Monday, and all I needed to do was box up the Nexus One and send it back to them once the new phone was up and running. In other words I wouldn't be phone-less for any period of time.

Ultimately, even though I was unlucky with the upgrade to Froyo, (Many others have no complaints and are enjoying both their N1's and the new 2.2 features), as a 'Power' user running mostly from my phone during the day, I probably chose the wrong one to replace my previous BlackBerry. There's nothing wrong with the Android phones and they really are a very cool alternative to Apple's offering, but for me sadly, it just hasn't worked out this time.

Vodafone really would have been quite within their rights to tell me to bugger off and make me take a replacement Nexus One with 2.1 but they didn't, and it's this 'over-and-above' Customer Service that needs to be celebrated.

Great customer service is all too rare in Britain today and it's heartening to know that it is still out there alive, well and apparently living on Twitter, and to @VodafoneUK I am truly grateful. They can now consider themselves to be genuinely a part of 'Team AngryBritain' helping us build a better Britain.

So, if you're in the market for a new phone you could do a lot worse than jump on Twitter and follow @VodafoneUKDeals and @VodafoneUK. Tell them sent you.

Vodafone UK - salutes you.

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