Friday, 28 November 2008

My heart bleeds

Embarrassment at not being able to buy lunch, No Christmas Bonus, Scrapping the Dollar, 'Writing off' last year, Woolworths - 'it's their own fault' .... these were just some of the things I overheard being discussed by a couple of bankers who'd obviously begun to feel the squeeze on the tube last night.

Their once shiny shoes and perma-smiles seemed absent but the arrogance remained, these were clearly two high-fliers who were hanging on in there by a thread while their minions had been cast aside as casulaties in this all out credit-war.

Not once did I hear an expression of sympathy for those poor souls who've found themselves jobless in the run up to Christmas and how they might cope. It was simply all about 'them'.

In a banking culture where greed is clearly good and its all about me, is it any wonder they are in such a mess?

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